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    Monday, January 7th:  The WMC will meet at 7:00 pm in the Fellowship Hall.  All ladies are invited to come eat and minister to the needs of our missionaries.


    Sunday, December 30th, Everyone is invited to meet in the main auditorium before the evening service at 6pm. We will have a shorter service and then go immediately upstairs for the fellowship. The main course will be provided. Please bring a dessert and salad to share.


    Sunday, December 16, the TBC Orchestra Adult choir will be performing "The Glory of Christmas." There will be two performance times at 9 & 10:30 am.  There will be no 9:30 am Sunday Bible study hour. 

Latest Announcements

Finding the Perfect Fit

Temple Baptist is a family! The Bible Study classes are smaller families within that family. Because you are important to God, it is important to us that you find the class that is your perfect fit. By enrolling, you will connect with others like yourself for Bible studies, friendships, and activities. So regardless of your age or background, there is a class for you, and every class has a seat available and waiting for you!


Meeting every Sunday Morning at 9:30

If you have questions about which Bible Study class is right for you, please contact our church office.


Adult Bible Study Classes:



(Adults 20 & Over)

Teachers: Jennings & Kristen Bryant

Description: Adults of all ages are welcome to join in this Bible study that helps each Christian in every walk of life get victory in their life.




Faith & Family

(Couple's Class)


Teachers: Bryan & Jane Doerstling

Description: Engaged and experienced couples learn practical lessons from God's Word to help encourage and strengthen the family.

New Beginnings

(Adults 30 & Over)


Teachers: Rich & Stacey Kaszak

Description: All Christians have a new beginning in Christ. The goal of this Bible study is to apply the stories of the Bible to every day life.



 New Beginning's Class

Family Matters

(Adults of all Ages)


Teachers: Mike and Gracia Laymon

Description: Every strong home needs a great foundation. Foundational doctrines and practical lessons are taught for the intention of building a better relationship with God.


Homebuilder's Class



(Singles 30s to 40s)


Teachers: Courtney & Marianne Stehle

Description: A deep connection and relationship is needed for every place in life. A unique style of lecture and discussion helps each Christian to connect with others.


(Women of All Ages)


Teacher: Paula Wallace

Description: All ladies receive encouragement from God's Word as they look into the Scripture and discuss various topics relating to everyone.



(40s to 60s)


Teachers: Charles & Debbie Ray

Description: God's command is for Christians to grow in the grace of the knowledge of our Savior. The exposition of Scripture verse-by-verse gives believers wisdom and application of God's Word.




Bible Discovery

(Adults of all Ages)


Teachers: John & Jill Jacobs

Description: Christians of all ages participate in an in-depth study of God's Word teaching and encouraging people in every circumstance of life.


(50s & Older)


Teacher: Ron Bates Sr.

Description: Building a great heritage for the next generation to follow is necessary. Experienced adults can continue to grow and share their faith in God by discussing His Word.


Encourager's Class





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