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    Saturday, September 29th at 5 pm is the Missions Conference International Dinner: Everyone is invited to meet in the Fellowship Hall to taste foods from different parts of the world and to see the DVD presentations from the missionaries.


    Monday, September 1st:  The WMC will meet at 7:00 pm in the Fellowship Hall.  All ladies are invited to come eat and minister to the needs of our missionaries.


    Sunday, September 23rd: All ladies are invited to meet in the Fellowship Hall following the morning service for a special luncheon.  Please bring dessert and invite a friend to attend with you.


    Wednesday, Sept. 26th - Sunday, Sept. 30th, is our annual Missions Conference.  We are always blessed by reports from missionaries we currently support in addition to meeting new missionaries that are making their way to the mission field. See the church calendar for the daily events.

Latest Announcements

altWhere We Came From

In His great wisdom, GOD ordained that Temple Baptist Church would begin in the fall of 1977.  


In the beginning of that fateful year, Richard and Paula Wallace moved from Kentucky to the Dallas area expecting to assume the pastorate of a mission church.  When they arrived, they found the job for which they came was no longer available.  The young preacher accepted a position as a youth pastor in Richardson but knew that wasn’t all the Lord had in store for him in Texas.  So, he prayed, and the Lord said, “Start a church.”  He was searching for a location to start the church when a man in McKinney told him about Lewisville.  He said Lewisville was about to start growing, and that he should look there.


After weeks of searching through Lewisville, Pastor Wallace finally located a store front in the Lakeland Plaza shopping center.  He began passing out fliers to advertise his new church.   The first Sunday service saw 11 people in attendance with a $12 offering.  Spectacular, no; but it was a start.  From that point, the church saw steady growth.  Soon they expanded into additional store front space.  Before long, they outgrew the storefront, and it was time to look for their own property.  The land was located, and they purchased a few acres on Bellaire Blvd.


The first building erected on the new property was small, but God worked in big ways there.  Shortly after moving to Bellaire Blvd, Temple Christian Academy was born and shared the property with the church.  As the church continued to grow, they added some additional small buildings.  Later, the Lord miraculously provided funds to build a gymnasium.  Not only was the gymnasium used for athletics; but also for worship services as well. 


The gym was functional as an auditorium but the church continued to grow and needed more space.  Again, the Lord had a plan.  He opened the door to purchase a pre-existing church property on Milton Street in Lewisville.  There, the church would find more space, and the school would continue to operate on Bellaire Blvd.


The Milton Street property provided more Sunday School space and a single purpose worship center.  The church prospered there for a while but was practically invisible to the public due to the location.


Pastor Wallace and the church prayed about this issue and soon the Lord led him to Main Street in Old Town Lewisville.  There, in buildings that had once housed First Baptist Church, the church found an open, roomy worship facility that served the church family well for several years.  But as the neighborhood began to change, access to classroom buildings became dangerous.  It was time to move again.  


Pastor Wallace formed a Building Committee to search for new property.  After significant effort, the Lord led them to Northshore Blvd in Flower Mound where acreage was available.  An architect was hired, master plans were designed to last the church needs far into the future, and construction began.  After almost three years of searching, planning, and construction, Temple Baptist Church opened its doors in Flower Mound.  


Now, the church is located in Flower Mound on 21 acres of property.  We have room to expand, room to do more, and room to reach more.  God is still at work after all of these years.  In fact, He has only just begun!



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